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SEO Tags - DNN Module

Do you want a faster way to update the SEO meta tags of your DNN pages site? Bytutorial.com provide a simple SEO Tags DNN module to update your SEO meta tags. By using the latest DNN Web.API feature, you can update the meta tags easily without having to refresh the page.

How to install SEO Tags DNN module?

To install the SEO Tags DNN module, you are required to login as a SuperUser account. You can look up the following link on how to install the DNN Module Extension.

What is the Minimum DNN Requirement to install SEO Tags DNN Module?

The supported DNN version is from 07.02.01 and above.

Once you have obtained your free license key. Go to module settings and enter your license key.

This is an example screenshot of how to manage your SEO Meta Tags.

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